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Archangel Gabriel

Posted Friday, November 5th, 2010
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Archangel Gabriel

 Meaning: God is my strength

Attributes: Wisdom, divine messages, communication, mothers, children, new beginnings

Colour: White

Symbols: lilies, trumpet

Direction: East

Element: water

Crystals: clear quartz, apophyllite, diamond

 Although the Bible clearly refers to Gabriel as ‘he’, many believe that Gabriel’s energy has a feminine quality. I will refer throughout to ‘she’; please go with what feels right for you.



Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger of God, communicating divine guidance and wisdom. Ask Gabriel for help whenever you are faced with a difficult decision, feel that you are at a crossroads in your life, or need assistance as to the wisest course of action.

Because Gabriel is associated with communication, you can call upon her for all matters where speaking your truth in a clear and loving way is important, or where you have lost a connection to a loved one.

Gabriel is also concerned with new beginnings; again when you feel you are at a crossroads you can invoke her assistance, or when you have a new project to undertake, a house move, or to bless a marriage or even a new work contract.

Gabriel has long been associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering and children; invoke Gabriel’s assistance in all matters involving these. She is also associated with the moon and the night, and bringing your concerns to her during the hours of darkness or even outside beneath the stars may be particularly effective.


Gabriel’s Message 

This is a famous Christmas carol with words translated from the old Basque by Sabine Baring-Gould; I have fond memories of singing this in my primary school choir!

The angel Gabriel from heaven came,
his wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame;
“All hail,” said he, “thou lowly maiden Mary,
most highly favoured lady,” Gloria!

“For know a blessed Mother thou shalt be,
all generations laud and honour thee,
thy Son shall be Emmanuel, by seers foretold,
most highly favoured lady,” Gloria!

Then gentle Mary meekly bowed her head,
“To me be as it pleaseth God,” she said,
“my soul shall laud and magnify his holy Name.”
Most highly favoured lady, Gloria!

Of her, Emmanuel, the Christ, was born
in Bethlehem, all on a Christmas morn,
and Christian folk throughout the world will ever say–
“Most highly favoured lady,” Gloria!


Roman Catholic Invocation to St. Gabriel

O Blessed Archangel Gabriel, we beseech thee, do thou intercede for us at the throne of divine Mercy in our present necessities, that as thou didst announce to Mary the mystery of the Incarnation, so through thy prayers and patronage in heaven we may obtain the benefits of the same, and sing the praise of God forever in the land of the living. Amen.


The following are blessings that I have written myself:

Blessing for an unplanned pregnancy

O Gabriel, who was entrusted to bring good news to those who were not ready to hear it,

Open the hearts and minds of those who are not yet ready for this baby,

So that they may remember that this child exists because of divine love,

And carries the light of that love within them.

Be with this little life,

And give strength to his mother who carries him,

That she may face the world with courage and love. Amen.

An Expectant Mum’s Prayer

Gabriel, who blesses all of us who are entrusted with new life,

Please hear me.

I’m so excited and yet afraid.

This is all so unknown to me.

I love my baby so much.

Keep us safe, and guide me,

So that I can be the mum that I am meant to be.

A Blessing For a Child

O Gabriel, Angel of the Spring,

Bless this young life.

Guide their feet on the path

That they may notice the divine messages that you place before them,

Taking the route that is for their highest good,

Coming from a place of eternal love.


A Visualization

This is a good visualization to use whenever you feel that things are stagnating, or you are ‘stuck’ and need guidance as to how to move forward.

Find somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed and breathe deeply. Picture before you a white, swirling mist. Within the mist a light grows, radiant and bright. From within the light an angel steps forth. It is Gabriel.

She hands you a lily. Notice the type, colour, scent. Enjoy the beauty of the flower.

Now Gabriel blows her horn. Is the sound loud or soft? Is she heralding great news or playing sweet music? As the sound dies away listen to her message for you.

n.b. Lilies can symbolize purity, innocence, renewal, birth, new beginnings, passion, divinity, motherhood and remembrance. Consider what the lily in your visualization means for you.



As noted above, Archangel Gabriel is most associated with the Annunciation, the declaration to Mary that she was to bear the Christ child. Gabriel is also the angel who reveals both the birth of John the Baptist and the Qur’an to Mohammed, and so this angel is seen as the messenger of God. Because of this Gabriel is also associated with all issues around communication.

Gabriel also has associations with pregnancy, childbirth and children, and so some believe that Gabriel has a feminine energy. There is a Jewish tradition in which Gabriel is believed to teach children in the womb all the wisdom of life; when we are born she seals our mouths with a finger so we forget, and spend our lives in a quest to remember that wisdom.

Gabriel is one of the Archangels that are most popularly focused upon in New Age spirituality. In the Old Testament, Gabriel taught Daniel the meanings of his dreams and visions, and this has lead some to associate Gabriel with clairvoyance and dream interpretation.

Gabriel is invoked in the Wiccan Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram as one of the Guardians of the Quarters, along with Michael, Uriel and Raphael.